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Found a very interesting article on the help homoeopathy can offer people who are enduring radiotherapy treatment and chemotherapy treatment.

84% of patients were helped by the remedies for the skin irritation that accompanies radiotherapy.

Interesting readin






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The question of the ”Constitutional” Remedy

By G. Vithoulkas

Published in The British Homoeopathic Journal Vol. 87, July 1998

The question whether a constitutional remedy exists for every individual was raised quite early on in the homeopathic literature by Hahnemann himself when he stated that in order to cure completely and permanently you needed to find the “deeper” indicated remedy according to his theory of the chronic miasms. 1

The meaning of such expression was never clear in the homeopathic sense and before one can talk about a constitutional remedy we should define what we -in homeopathy – really mean with this expression. (more…)

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